The Power Of Technical Analysis

Since Charles Dow, many traders have profited from technical analysis in combination with other techniques because they believed market psychology and sentiment are already reflected in the price of a stock, prices move in trends and history tends to repeat itself. Some technical analysis indicators can reach probabilities of up to 80% for certain assets.

Automation & Scalability

With more than 41,000 stocks in the world and constantly changing market conditions, investment opportunities happen everyday but finding them can be overwheling or nearly impossible. Some traders will only focus on a few names or wait for others to tell them what to buy, and as a result articially reduce their choice, miss 99% of opportunities and stay behind. Modern traders will leverage software to screen and identify opportunities, allowing them to refine their research and make smarter decisions.

Big Data For Everyone

Data has never been so rich, abundant and accessible, and yet, only large institutions have the right resources to make sense of it, leaving most investors on the sidelines and creating a competitive disadvantage for them. At StormIQ, we believe anyone should have access to the power of Big Data, no matter who they are or who they know, to make better financial decisions and improve their life. Our goal is to level the playing field by providing our users with data-driven information they could not get on their own.

Human Biases

Behavioral finance, the study of the effects of psychology on investors and financial markets, has revealed many biases clouding investor’s judgement such as herd mentality, sunk cost fallacy and familiarity bias. For example, it is very easy to follow what a group of investors is saying, just because it is comfortable to be part of a group. StormIQ is all about data-driven statistics, not opinions, because subjectivity leads to emotional decisions, which lead to poor performance.

StormIQ Price

With a price of less than $1 per day, we pride ourselves for our low cost and truly democratizing access to investment data.